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      • For further information or to apply for this programme, please contact

        • Objectifs
        • The International Business Program allows GEA students to validate their 4th semester by studying in English.


          12 places are reserved for foreign students and 6 places for GEA students.

          For further information or to apply for this programme, please contact

        • Crédits
        • 35 ects
        • Pré-requis


          Basic concepts of marketing, accounting and management

          B1 level in English at least, B2 recommended


          • Alternance - Type de contrat
          • The students will be offered the opportunity to do an internship in a local company , although it is not compulsory.

          • International Business Programme

            The full content of the programme will be available in the next few weeks.


            All along this International Business Programme, with all classes taught in English, students will attend a large variety of undergraduate business courses:

            Common core programme: 28 ECTS

            Sales management and negotiations 3 ECTS

            Intercultural management 4 ECTS

            International business 4 ECTS

            E-commerce and international marketing 4 ECTS

            Anglo-saxon accounting 4 ECTS                                                                  

            Group project 5 ECTS

            Introduction to global financial markets 4 ECTS


            Specialisation programme: (choose one module) 4 ECTS

            European institutions and topical issues 4 ECTS

            Global economic issues 4 ECTS


            Optional programme: (choose one module) 3 ECTS

            Business English and communication 3 ECTS

            French as a foreign language 3 ECTS

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                • Journées d'immersion des lycéens à l'IUT
                • Journées d'immersion des  lycéens à l'IUT
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